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Spring and summer fishing


Alta is definitely the place to visit if you want to get a sea trout or the searunning arcitc char on your hook. During May ‘till June, when they leave the river to feed in the ocean, they keep close to the rivermouth which makes it easy to spot them. In this period of time it’s not unusual to catch up to ten fishes a day, and often the length of the fish vary around 70 cm.


During the summer (July) the sea trout leave the rivermouth while the char always stays close to the rivermouth. We still have a good chance to catch the sea trout, but then we have to fish from the reef out in the Altafjord. Here we won’t catch as much fish as in the spring, but they are often bigger in size, so this is the place to catch the trophy fish. Out on the reef we also have a chance of catching other fish species like, halibut and cod.


We are camping right by the coast where you can go fishing on one of the fjord's hottest locations. During the day we drive around looking up the fishing spot with the best conditions given the wind and tide.


Autumn fishing


During the autumn the sea trout and searunning arctic char swim upwards in the river to spawn. The rivers we use for fishing are small and the water is really clear, which makes the fish shy and hard to catch. The best period of time to catch it is during the night, so we sit by the fire and wait ‘till it gets dark. That’s when the fish starts to stir, and when we start to fish.


We fish in several rivers depending on where it is best for the moment, we also have a good chance at catching small salmon. We can choose to stay at the camping some distance from the fishing grounds or in a tent right by river.


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