Welcome to world class icefishing!

Ice fishing is really a wonderful, exciting way of fishing and above all; it's very social. Lying on a warm reindeer skin and seeing a big char slowly swims toward your bait. Then you have to make sure to keep your nerves under control so you don't scare the fish.


In the spring when the sun comes back and keeps you warm its the best time to be out on the ice and ice fishing. We walk to a close lake or take our scooter or dogsled into the mountains to the best fishing grounds and enjoying the spring fishing.


We fish primarily for char and pike as they thrives in the cold water. But even trout choose to bite sometimes.


Ice fishing is the perfect fishing for a large group because you can sit close together and fish. If we are lucky with the weather we might get to see the northern lights light up the polar sky during the evening and night, a sight that is indescribably beautiful and must be experienced.


We arrange everything from half a day trips to longer expeditions.


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