World class flyfishing!

Finnmark is an area in northern Norway, and it is bigger than the whole country of Denmark. About 60 000 people reside in this area and the infrastructure is therefore limited. Large parts of Finnmark are untouched wilderness and you can wander many miles in pure nature without running in to any other human being. The fishing on the tundra of Finnmark is really first class and here you will have great chances to catch the fish of your dreams. The most popular species are trout, arctic char, grayling and pike. Here you can fish in everything from large lakes and rivers to small ponds and creeks.

The excellent fishing and the extraordinary nature on the tundra are something we in Altafishing consider to be worth preserving for the next generations. That is why we practice the catch-and-release policy, and why we wish to leave as few traces as possible. When fishing on the tundra we release every fish we don’t eat there.


We arrange everything from half a day trips to longer expeditions.

Popular species to fish for on the tundra of Finnmark: perch, pike, grayling, arctic char and trout.


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